Weekend !

Yes, it was the time. I decided that I should write my blog in English, not that I have too many visitors from other countries than England but it’s a good practice, I might say.
After 5 days of school, here comes the weekend, the well deserved weekend. Next week I’ll have some important tests to take named „teza”. Today I had to take a test paper, I messed up a bit, but I think I’ll take something like A- or something.
As a side note: I’ve put some new pages here on my blog, like Portfolio or Contact.

Portfolio :

It will include any type of graphic art or anything that is made by me using my own hand, or using Photoshop or anything, it doesn’t matter. As soon as material gathers, I’ll organise it as it has to be. Now that section is ‘under construction’. Altough you can see some of my work Here.

Contact :

Contains important information that you need to get in contact with me. Simply that ! 🙂

That’s all for today 😛 It’ll be a busy week next week.


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