Eye For An Eye (2008)



Sung-chan is a top detective of the special crime squad. He is notorious for punishing the opponent who hurts his pride. When Hyun-min impersonates as Sung-chan and robs a cash transport car under the daylight, and seizes $10 billion worth of smuggled gold right before the cop’s eyes, Sung-chan is outraged. He cannot let this criminal slip through. Sung-chan goes after Hyun-min like a wild beast going after its prey, but Hyun-min cunningly threads through the investigation, even leaving traces in the crime scenes on purpose to allure and provoke Sung-chan.


Han Seok-Kyu
Cha Seung-won
Song Yeong-chang
Lee Byeong-joon
Jeong In-gi
Kim Ji-seok

Release date in South Korea : 2008/07/30
Source : koreanfilm.or.kr


Despre Paul Roman

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