Vampire Diary (2007)



Whilst making a documentary, filmmaker Holly meets the highly enigmatic and beautiful Vicki who claims she is a real-life vampire. By turns fascinated by and attracted to her, Holly thinks that Vicki could be her soul mate and soon the two embark on a passionate affair. However Vicki’s lust for blood is growing and when Holly discovers that Vicki is pregnant with a ‘vampire’ baby, she is drawn into a spiral of death, deceit and betrayal from which she will never emerge.


Many people have addictions; food, alcohol, drugs, or other ungainly habits. Welcome to Vicki’s world as a vampire and her addiction to blood. When I watched this film, I felt her pain as her addiction to blood may be different than the norm, yet perhaps not too far away from anyone else that suffers from unstoppable urges to do what we shouldn’t. Watch this brilliant film and learn how to appreciate being human and have empathy for someone who struggles to do what is right under impossible circumstances. Contains a good mix of chilling, passionate, and humorous scenes from beginning to end with the beautiful Anna Walton leading the way.


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