The Andromeda Strain (2008)



Credibility was given the first version for the usual reasons. Is there really anyone who hasn’t seen the first one? One of those was that their were gray-hairs in charge of the project and working in the lab. I find it hard to see where the survival of the entire planet would be given to a handful of young scientists. It’s more like „The Andromeda Strain for kids”. I understand that everyone who does a remake feels compelled to „update” by adding more time and effort to the sub-plots, but really! The original version was tight and tense for it’s time. The story was compressed into a normal time slot of approximately two hours. Dragging this story out with unnecessary sub-plots and editing out pertinent data derived from the book is a good example of how to take a good story and ruin it by forcing and expanding sub-plots where they were never needed. Would be a good example for film school on what not to do in a remake.


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