Dimples (2008)



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7.0/10 43 votes

On a Saturday morning, Frances jolts awake from a frightening dream. That afternoon, while on a road trip with four friends, a bizarre chain of events leads her to a secluded house where a little girl lives with a man she refers to only as, „The Doctor”. Here, Frances uncovers grisly horrors the little girl is subjected to and as Frances fights to save her young soul, her friends fight to save themselves from the monster the doctor has created.


„Dimples” is a very creepy movie and that’s why I like it. This movie is well thought and well written. The actors were perfectly chosen for the film. In case you haven’t noticed, most of them have been acting since they were kids. They all did a great job.

I especially love the actress (Summer Davis) that played the little girl. She was really good! Her acting is a lot better than the girl from the „Ring.”

„Dimples” is pretty creepy himself. He’s scarier than all of those characters like Freddy and Jason. I will definitely buy this movie. This movie is meant to be seen over and over again, especially on Halloween.


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