Method Man & Redman – Blackout 2 !

Album in stores on the 19th of May!

Yes yes, yo! This is going to be amazing! Another great album that you should really get. Album IN STORES 19th MAY.
Just right 1 day before 4:20 (20th of May). We all know what happens on 4:20, don’t we ? National Weed Smokin’ Day is on 4:20, if you didn’t know that yet.

Blackout 2 is the second album by rap duo Method Man & Redman. It’s their first album in ten years. Blackout 2 will be released 10 years since the Blackout! album, which was placed at the top of a lot of 1999’s best album lists. Entertainment Weekly explained how the two lyricists work so well together.

„When Hip Hop’s most playfully creative rhyme stylers throw down like two superballs in a rubber room, they’re unstoppable, and make rap’s most joyous ride.”

They have shot music videos for the songs „A Yo” and „Mrs. International”.

Tracklist :

All songs written and composed by Method Man & Redman.

  • # Title
  • 1. „BO2” (Intro)
  • 2. „I’m Dope Nigga”
  • 3. „A Yo” (feat. Saukrates)
  • 4. „Dangerous MCs”
  • 5. „Errbody Scream” (feat. Keith Murray)
  • 6. „Hey Zulu”
  • 7. „City Lights” (feat. Bun B)
  • 8. „Father’s Day”
  • 9. „Mrs. International” (skit)
  • 10. „Mrs. International” (feat. Erick Sermon)
  • 11. „How Bout Dat?” (feat. Ready Roc, Streetlife)
  • 12. „Dis Iz All 4 My Smokers”
  • 13. „Lock Down” (skit)
  • 14. „4 Minutes to Lock Down” (feat. Raekwon, Ghostface Killah)
  • 15. „Neva Heard Dis B4”
  • 16. „I Know Sumptin” (feat. Poo Bear)
  • 17. „A Lil Bit” (feat. Melanie Rutherford)

And here’s a little sneak peak of the album:

Method Man and Redman – A Yo ! VIDEO
Watch in HQ to enjoy the song to it’s best potential


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  2. Hi, cool post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for blogging. I’ll definitely be subscribing to your site. Keep up the good posts

  3. De ce un numãr despre Moº Crãciun, veþi spune. ªi mai ales unul care, în loc de o dilemã serioasã, pune în balanþã existenþa acestuia.

  4. „Сделано на совесть, значит на века” – респект. А эт слова центра)))

  5. Увлекательно. Поброжу у вас еще. А долго ли писали этот пост?

  6. Ну просто каждый пост у вас шедевр, просто дух захватывает в каждой статье, вам бы ещё пару блогов открыть не мешало!

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