– Scene Torrent Tracker Review

I’m coming with an update for SceneLinks, because I saw that this post was quite successful. For a better understanding, it is recommended to read that post first and then you can come back later and read this one too.

Today (13/Feb/2011) we can say that there’s a new era for SceneLinks. Everyone from staff was working quite hard lately, because they want to offer us the best we can get.

SceneLinks at this moment has it’s own IRC server, fast pretime access to scene material, Autoupload bots with 1Gbps speed capacity… basically, whatever a torrent user wants to have, he gets here. SceneLinks now needs you!

So, we’ll take the improvements one at a time:

  1. IRC is still being used (maybe you can remember the golden age of this piece of software) if that is what you’ve asked yourself right now. has it’s own IRC server and it’s address is, having channels for:
  2. #SceneLinks – Main Channel – Idle Bonus 100 Promicin Shots/h

    #Help – SceneLinks Support Channel

    #Pre – SceneLinks Pretime Announce Channel

    #Announce – SceneLinks Site Announce Channel

  3. Something that I consider it quite important to be mentioned is the staff and the community. Maybe you won’t get to know the staff at all during your existence here, but you need to know that you’ll get the best support and you’ll get along nicely with them. Regarding the community, I have nothing to say just that it’s great. You’ll feel like home!
  4. I have to mention that this is a ratioless tracker. Overall ratio doesn’t count, just torrent ratio or seedtime.
  5. Minimum Seedtime: 36h/torrent in 7 days or 0.8 ratio/torrent.

  6. Download speeds are excellent, considering the fact that they use seedboxes with 1 Gbps bandwidth.

You know they say a image makes up for a thousand words, so I speak no more:

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  2. C

    If you want an invite, come on IRC and join #Invites to get yours!

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