Football Manager 2012 Wonderkids – FM 12 – Young Guns – Future Stars

Football Manager 2012 is approaching fast as a lightning and I think everyone is eager to know who are the new wonderkids and/or future stars in FM 2012. I managed to set up a small list, of who I think will be a wonderkid this year.

NOTE : When the game will be released, this list will be updated with proper information and you will certainly know who those good -10 and -9 players are.

The only -10 player for the third year in a row is Aaron Ramsey from Arsenal

So, prospects for Football Manager Wonderkids 2012 list are:

  • Souleymane Coulibaly
  • Neymar
  • Paul Pogba
  • Erik Lamela
  • Sime Vrsaljko
  • Mario Gotze
  • Romelu Lukaku
  • Khouma Babacar
  • Ravel Morrison
  • Suso
  • Raheem Sterling

As I’ve said above, this list will be fulfilled with more Football Manager 2012 | FM 2012 Wonderkids & Future Stars. Subscribe to the comments section or to the blog to keep up to date!

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6 răspunsuri la „Football Manager 2012 Wonderkids – FM 12 – Young Guns – Future Stars

  1. 🙂 Commentaries are open. Please express your thoughts on who you think the next wonderkids will be.

  2. Watching football drinking a beer…lls -_-

  3. This is a great list of wonderkids, one that must have taken you a bit of time. I personally have only just got into FM12, whereas usually I am biting at the bit to play it from release date. I think Ross Barkley will be a major star as will Eden Hazard once again.

  4. Thanks for the post. I wondered if you consider accepting writing from guest bloggers sometime?

  5. Souleymane Coulibaly
    isnt good enough….
    Maybe for low league… 🙂

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