Gratitude: BuddyPress & Responsive WordPress

Gratitude is a responsive BuddyPress and a WordPress Theme, which can adapt to any screen resolution, whether you are viewing it from your smartphone or 27” screen, carefully handcrafted to suit your needs. Never heard of BuddyPress? BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin which allows your website to become a social network, a full-fledged community website. BuddyPress enables your users to interact with each other through status updates, groups, forums, friend system, internal messaging system, and a whole lot more.

What separates Gratitude from the rest? Besides being the first responsive BuddyPress theme from Themeforest, Gratitude has a clean design, focused on UX experience. The uniqueness will make it stand out from the rest and it will make sure this theme is one theme you’ll remember. Everything is pin-pointed just right, from well-structured pages to easy to understand menus. This BuddyPress theme will definitely help your community/users have a good and positive experience, and they will find what they are looking for quite easily and quickly. The theme comes with a easy theme options panel which can help you set everything to your community needs.

Oh and by the way, what makes BuddyPress so special, are plugins dedicated to this plugin. Gratitudeworks beautifully with each and every major plugin which supports the latest version of BuddyPress (v1.5.3.1). Any plugin, like BP Labs, BuddyStream, BuddyPress ScholarPress, CubePoints for BuddyPress work wonders. At the moment, the only plugin I tested which was not working correctly is Achievements, because the plugin author hasn’t updated his plugin to support the latest standards of BuddyPress. But even that is fixed now. I’ve talked with Paul, and he’s planning in releasing an update, so it will be compatible! . As always, I am always trying my best to provide you the exceptional support you would expect to get.