Ice Age 4 – Trailer & Info

Ice Age 4 (Da, un numar mare pentru un film de genul :D) va fi lansat in 13 July 2012 (USA). Cred ca e un film care il asteptam toti fanii Ice Age. Intotdeauna m-au distrat aceste productii animate, iar Scrat (veverita, pentru cei care nu stiu), are un rol mare in numele acestui film : Ice Age : Continental Drift. Iarasi, veverita buclucasa, reuseste de aceasta data, sa redefineasca aranjarea continentelor, doar incercand sa isi obtina din nou ghinda inapoi…

Nu va mai retin, va las sa urmariti trailer-ul 😀

Top Gear – Three Wise Men… Christmas Special!

Jeremy, James si Richard prin desertul sirian

Fie ca esti sau nu un fan al show-ului, cred ca ar fi frumos daca ai reusi sa iti faci un pic de timp, sa vezi acest episod. Cu siguranta unul special, in care cei trei, vin dintr-o zona destul de interesanta cum ar fi minunata tara numita Irak si se indreapta spre Bethleem.

Un drum cu multe peripetii dar si foarte multe frumuseti pe care cei trei il parcurg, presarat cu foarte multe glume la care am ras uneori, de nu m-am mai putut opri 😀

Vizionare placuta! 😀

Recomandare – Thor [2011]

Thor – 2011

Cred ca unul din filmele interesante pe anul 2011, in 11 mai daca imi amintesc bine, va fi Thor. Pare o combinatie interesanta de SF si scene pline de actiune. (Mi-a dat un pic impresia de Stapanul Inelelor, nu stiu de ce…)

Cert e, ca pare a fi un film de urmarit in anul ce urmeaza…

The Social Network – filmul anului 2010 in opinia criticilor

The Social Network

Cu siguranta unul din cele mai asteptate filme ale anului 2010, se pare ca se dovedeste a fi si unul din cele mai apreciate de catre criticii americani, conform celor spuse aici. Tinand cont ca abordeaza o tema ce implica un segment de populatie mare, trebuie mentionat ca filmul si-a atins target-ul. It came, it was seen, it conquered…

Macar asa, am vazut si noi adevaratele dedesubturi ale Facebook-ului…

Step Up 3D Soundtracks – Download Link Included

Stiu, stiu … multi dintre voi ati cautat si nu ati reusit sa gasiti intreaga colectie de melodii din Step Up 3D. Search no more, Step Up 3D Soundtracks collection e aici. Pe albumul oficial Step Up 3D OST, figureaza doar 18 piese, incluzandu-le si pe cele care sunt (Bonus).
Eh, dupa ceva cautari intense, am reusit sa descarc nu una, nu doua, ci 43 de piese (din cele 47 ce apar in film). Singurele piese care lipsesc din aceasta colectie sunt : Hit me with your best shot – Eddie Schwartz, Who U R – Jessie J, Tania Doko – Joyride & Crush the Floor – Flii Stylz. Acestea au fost singurele care nu am reusit sa le gasesc. Daca reusiti sa le gasiti, nu ezitati sa postati un link.

Lista pieselor incluse, structurata dupa cum apar acestea in film, cronologic :

* First dance off in the park with Moose – Whachadoin? – NASA
* Luke tells Moose, “I Got You” – I Can Be a Freak – Estelle
* In Luke’s car driving through NYC at night – Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z
* Luke brings Moose to the Vault, welcome to my house – ABC’s – K’Naan
* In the Vault club – Take Your Shirt Off – T-pain
* Club – Tetris – Electrixx
* Natalie dancing in the club – I Like That – Static Revenger and Richard Vission featuring Luciana
* Sleeping – (unknown song) – (unknown artist)
* Natalie warming up – Joyride – Tania Doko
* Training/parkour on the rooftop – Up (Remix) – Jesse McCartney
* (unknown scene) – (unknown song) – (unknown artist)
* Practice – Fancy Footwork – Chromeo
* First jam battle site – Swing – Savage featuring Soulja Boy
* First dance with the chalk dust – Move (If You Wanna) – Mims
* Dance response – Tear Da Roof Off – Busta Rhymes
* Madd Chadd (robot dance) – Pinball – Akira Kiteshi
* (unknown scene) – Already Taken – Trey Songz
* Walking with the giant 7-11 cups – My Own Step (Theme From Step Up 3D) – Roscoe Dash and T-pain
* Kiss on the air vent with the slurpy bubbles – This Girl – Laza Morgan
* Round 2 battle against Asian team – Beggin’ – Madcon
* Karaoke – Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Eddie Schwartz
* Tango – Bust Your Windows – Jazmine Sullivan
* Background music during Halloween call – (unknown song) – (unknown artist)
* (unknown scene) – Who U R – Jessie J
* Walking alone, ‘the pirates are done’ – (unknown song) – (unknown artist)
* (unknown scene) – No Te Quiero – Sophia Del Carmen featuring Pitbull
* Dancing to the ice cream truck music – I Won’t Dance – Fred Astaire – The Remix from Step Up 3D!
* Coffee shop – Superman – Joe Brooks
* Missing crew and new dancers – Who Dat – J Cole
* Jukebox dancing and practice – Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida
* World Jam finals – Chillin’ – Wale featuring Lady Gaga
* (unknown scene) – Tommy’s Theme – (unknown artist)
* (unknown scene) – One – (unknown artist)
* Pirates’ Second song – Ease Off the Liquor – Timbaland
* Samurai’s first song – Let Me C It – Get Cool featuring Petey Pablo
* Samurai’s second song – Here I Come – The Roots
* Pirates third song – Ghettomusick – Outkast
* (unknown scene) – Bang – Rye Rye featuring MIA
* (unknown scene) – Work the Middle – Ericka June
* (unknown scene) – This Instant – Sophia Fresh
* Lights – Crush the Floor – Flii Stylz
* Lights during World Jam – Move Shake Drop (Remix) – DJ Laz featuring Flo Rida and Casely
* Last song with the lights – Shooting Star (Party Rock Mix) – David Rush
* Win the World Jam – Got Your Back – T.I.
* Film clip, ask for a double major – Congratulations – Blue October
* Train station – What We Are Made Of – Scott Mallone
* (unknown scene) – Irresistible – Wisin Y Yandel
* End credits song – Shawty Got Moves – Get Cool
* Second end credits song – Drivin’ Me Wild – Common

Nu va mai tin in suspans, poftiti link-ul de download al intregului pachet. Sper sa va fie de folos, sa nu mai stati sa cautati cat am cautat si eu 😉

Now, it’s time to dance your ass off and delight your ears 😉

Beautiful Dreamer (2006)


User Rating:


A pilot (Egglesfield) gets shot down and gets amnesia, later on his stricken-with-grief wife (Langton) finds him in a small town and his shocked that he doesn’t remember her.


Although the locations were authentic and Cinematography good; the plot was very unlikely and not credible. It was as credible and plausible as an Eagle picking up a beagle dog taking him to great height, dropping him, the dog catching a pigeon in flight, the Dog landing in pile of Hay, bouncing harmlessly, making a great meal of the pigeon only to be found by the rancher who was just thinking about buying a Beagle for his daughter who had been begging for one. C’mon!! the writer should NEVER be allowed to write again.

The acting was indeed cheesy and corny at times. probably induced by bad writing and bad story line. I actually, rolled my eyes, huffed and puffed at times

granted that this movie tries to appeal to the Human condition and tries to make a story about romance and love, it just doesn’t work! The writer tried to create a jigsaw puzzle with pieces and elements that did NOT belong to the same set.

it is also puzzling that the director did not catch any of this. and appeared not quite prepared to be a director and unable to guide the actors.

I also noticed that all the „GREAT” reviews here, were all from people in Los Angeles where this company is based. no doubt from people all connected to this movie and thus meaningless to me.

Dante 01 (2008)

Trailer :

Dante 01

Romanian Subtitle


Deep space, at the edge of the galaxy. The future. A new prisoner arrives on top security prison ship and psychiatric research unit Dante 01. Sole survivor of an encounter with an alien force beyond imagining, Saint Georges is a man possessed by inner demons, caught up in the battle to control the monstrous power within him. It’s a power that will infect the other highly dangerous occupants of Dante 01, gaolors and prisoners alike, unleashing a violent rebellion that turns this terrifying, labyrinthine world upside down. In the otherworldly hell of the ship’s depths, through danger and redemption, each must journey to his very limits… each must confront his own Dragon.

Review :

I had the pleasure of watching this movie yesterday and wasn’t disappointed. I had been waiting for Caro’s next work with great anticipation and I consider this movie to be a success on every level, with the only disappointment being that it didn’t seem to have been released in many theaters in France, I hope it’ll fare better in other countries.

This movie isn’t an epic by any means. The story takes place in a psychiatric facility orbiting around a burning planet deep in space, and populated by little more than a dozen people, so the scale is pretty intimist. The patients of this space hospital are all death row inmates who have agreed to serve as guinea pigs for behavior-changing treatments in order to win a few years of life. The routines of the whole compound are disrupted when a new patient with intriguing abilities (Lambert) arrives, escorted by a new doctor (the beautiful Linh Dan Pham) ordered to test new treatments on the inmates.

You will soon realize upon watching the first few minutes of this movie that everything that happens in it is a metaphor, and that’s all I will say about that in order not to spoil anything.

I have nothing but praise for all the elements of this movie. The actors are top notch (especially the inmates), as well as the direction, the art direction and the story, which all together manage with great success the most important aspect of any movie of that kind: to suspend our disbelief. The immersion was complete and I have not for one second questioned the how’s and why’s of the setting. The movie didn’t feel too long or too short, and the ending was satisfying and brought a sufficient amount of closure while still leaving many aspects of the story open for personal interpretation.

Overall a great experience that I would recommend to anyone.