Who am I? You like what I’m writing here and you want to know more about me? Here it is!

I’m Paul, actually Paul Roman. I’m 19 years old and I write from time to time about what I feel it is important or interesting. I really hope you enjoy this blog and why not, come back here, again…

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You can also find me here: Margaritare pentru suflet | Un gand bun pe zi

Despre Paul Roman

Not so ordinary. Definetly not a regular guy. Follow me and you'll find out the way I see the world.

9 răspunsuri la „About

  1. Alex

    Let’s get to the point … I know this guy. He is really „creative” and all those stuff. And his mentality is much over the average.
    Keep on the good work kid!

  2. Sorry, nu am gasit un loc mai bun unde sa plasez urarea mea de Craciun!…
    Sa va fie Sfintele Sarbatori pline de Lumina, pace in suflet si ganduri de recunostinta pentru Cel a carui zi de nastere o sarbatorim, o data in plus!
    Craciun Fericit va doresc, din tot sufletul!

  3. Roman Paul Pangan

    hi! i am Roman Paul Pangan from the Philippines…. hahaha… it’s nice to have someone with the same name….

  4. well, salut! fain sa te gasesc in blogosfera . maybe now we can be virtual friendz :)) . cred c`am aterizat cam tarziu sa`ti mai urez succesuri pe la bac ( oricum nu prea e nevoie acolo ) si admitere da poate ne vedem odata si`odata`n urbea aia mare de`i zice cluj :P. gudnait 😀

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  6. simona

    hey! are you really 19?? that’s incredible! in this case, let me congratulate youuu :), there are only a few boys in Romania, with such preocuppations at this age.

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