Furio – A Premium BuddyPress & Responsive WordPress Theme

Hello there everyone! Today we’re going to talk about a new breath-taking premium BuddyPress theme that just surfaced the web recently. The theme is called Furio, and is the world’s first Premium BuddyPress theme that is responsive.

Furio is a clean, minimalist and easy to use responsive theme that was designed and developed for WordPress and compatible to run seamlessly with both BuddyPress & bbPress plugins installed. You’ll sure love the simplicity of it. It comes with a Theme options panel and multiple Widgets sections, so setting it up to resemble your desired look will be pretty easy.

Furio can also take the role of a portfolio, business/corporate site and a community theme. It helps you maintain and grow your community easier and it does that beautifully.

What does responsive mean? Take a look at the theme demo. Resize your browser window. See what happens.

Furio was built to adapt to any resolution, from mobile to HD. That means that no matter the situation, you can view it easily on your smartphone, tablet or 27″ Display.

If you’re not familiar with BuddyPress, it’s a social network plugin for WordPress allowing your website to become a fully functional community portal. BuddyPress lets your users interract through groups, forums, friends, status updates, private messaging and a lot more.

Furio integrates this functionalities into the theme’s design beautifully and offers a look & feel that no other premium BuddyPress theme could offer.  Oh, and by the way, your own social network can be viewed easily on your smartphone, tablet or any device, because Furio adapts! (You can now say: Take that, FaceBook! I’m coming to dominate!).

I’ve attached a small gallery of Furio’s pages, but more can be viewed in the theme demo.

So, enough with the description and reviewing, I want to know what price do I have to pay for this Premium BuddyPress theme that you’re talking about? It all costs a mere 45$. Yes, I’ve said 45$. It’s more like a steal, not a buy, at such a low price! Go ahead, click the desired option.

Stock, WordPress & Other

Astazi au avut loc mai multe lucruri importante. Unul destul de mediatizat pe ziua de azi, a fost cel cu caderile burselor din toata lumea. Celalalt, mult mai putin mediatizat, dar destul de important pentru „bloggeri” este faptul ca baietii nostrii iubiti de la WordPress, au marit spatiul 60x, spun ei 🙂 . Mai exact, au marit spatiul de stocare al fisierelor de la 50 MB, la 3 GB. That’s a nice thing from them, acum nu o sa mai imi fie frica sa uploadez fisiere.

Si totusi, sa revenim la lucruri mai serioase, cel putin pentru mine, cu toate ca nu sunt implicat direct, ci doar sunt interesat in acest domeniu, si anume : Bursa.
Da, bursa a cazut intr-un stil mare, ca sa spunem asa. Scaderile inregistrate pe la mijlocul sedintei au fost undeva pe la 5% in medie, pe plan mondial.
Totul a inceput din Tokyo, continuand cu Hong Kong si cu Sydney, urmat de bursele din Europa, iar cea din urma, New York.
Se anunta o scadere a bursei mai drastica decat una decat cea din 9/11 (11 septembrie – ziua atentatelor din New York), insa „Bursele europene au revenit pe plus dupa anuntul FED de reducere a dobanzii de referinta” si „Rezerva Federala a redus dobanda de referinta la 3,5%, pentru a reduce riscul de recesiune a economiei SUA„. Am lasat niste link-uri pentru cei interesati de unele cifre.
Ca sa explicam pe scurt, s-a intervenit pentru a nu se ajunge la o scadere mai drastica. De exemplu, acum in SUA, vor ramane mai multi bani in mana consumatorului.
Pentru orice alte detalii cu privire la bursa, use the almighty Google.

Si ca sa revin la „oile mele” , in ultimul timp sunt… ok . D-abia astept campionatul judetean da baschet, poate poate, who knows, ajungem la nationala (cu toata ca nici eu nu cred ce am zis aici, there’s still hope). Scoala, se incheie destul de interesant, recuperez medii la care nici nu credeam ca am sa fac, distractie mai multa, si mult mai mult zambet (ca nu ar fi fost destul!) pe chipul meu 😀 .

Talk to you soon …